My daughter was so worried about her cat and these guys were so gentle and kind that all anxiety went out the window. You want a good place to take your loved pet this is the place
-Marie M.

We have been bringing our cats here for over 15 years, as it’s one of the few vets in the area that specializes in cats and you don’t have to worry about mixing your cats with strange and upset dogs in the waiting area. They are a little bit pricey, but not unreasonable, and we think it’s worth it for our cats to get the specialized care that they deserve. As long as we continue to live within driving distance and this place is open, we’ll keep bringing our cats here.
-Ben F.

I have nothing but good things to say about Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic. I had to put my dear cat Bubs to sleep a week and a half ago and CH Cat Clinic was so responsive and caring. I brought my cat into the clinic and they put my sister and I in a separate room with Bubs. They let us take our time with him before and after and explained to us exactly what they were doing during the whole process. I felt like Dr. K really cared and knew my cat. All of the staff was very kind. I’ve been through this experience before with two of my other pets and I’ve never felt like I really got the chance to say goodbye properly because it happened so quickly. Thank you CHCC for allowing me to say a proper goodbye.

Caring, kind people work their. Great, on time service. I know my kitty is in good hands.
-Jonathan W.

They are very friendly and helpful here. They took good care of my cat.
-Casey S.

These are my cats’ regular doctors. I have gone for years. When they suggest a procedure or service needed they are transparent and clear on exactly how much it will cost. When they are more expensive they have no problem with me finding and working with another place that is more affordable. I have found that sometimes they are more affordable than bigger clinics! They are always busy, but never haven’t given the time and empathy we need when dealing with our very precious family members. Thanks for your years of amazing sentiment and hard work. My only regret is that I can’t believe I haven’t written you guys a great review sooner!
-Louise M.

By far the best vet experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve met some wonderful vets. The receptionist was so kind and welcoming and kept us company while we waited. The vet and the assistant/tech were wonderful and so sweet to my poor fur baby, Albus. They helped us out of a jam and went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. I absolutely recommend them. I wish we could have taken them back to North Carolina with us. If we’re ever in Philly again and in need of kitty care, Chestnut Hill is where we’ll go.
-Rory M.

My cat has always been very afraid of the vet, particularly after some difficult medical procedures, and they were very sweet and gentle with him here. They gave him a towel to hide under, and made every effort to make him feel safe.
-Kayla C.